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An Introduction

Hello reader, and welcome to Social Actuality. This website is intended as a platform for the discussion of a broad range of topics, which includes general philosophy, politics, culture, etc. There are multiple intended purposes of this site and its content, but the general concept and theme can be summed as such -

  • To analyse topics without favoring a particular political party, cultural movement, or philosophical/ethical stance simply for loyalties sake. While this site will primarily view topics from a U.S. based perspective, I intend for there to be no heavy handed favoring of any party or creed - it can be expected that no one is free from criticism here.

  • The above does not mean this site will attempt to keep a neutral philosophical, cultural, or political stance. Indeed, I intend for this site to be a future platform for activism of various types and as such the content of this site will be, by and large, non-neutral. I want to make it clear here and now that neutrality or non-activist writing is not, and never will be, the aim of Social Actuality. The intent is simply to be as free of hard line "party politics" as human cognition and behavior allows.

  • Social Actuality advocates for human sovereignty - the right of free individuals to self determine. Freedom of speech, information, and all means which aid in the preservation of the right to self determination are advocated for unflinchingly.

  • Social Actuality denounces top-down, abusive power structures. Accordingly, the use and abuse of our system of law by individuals, business, and government to restrict speech or other means of public redress are denounced. Initiators of SLAPP suits or performative litigation will find no friends here.

Additionally you may follow Social Actuality on Twitter (@SocialActuality) or subscribe to the site's email list.

I hope the above serves as an adequate summary and introduction to the purpose and function of this project. For further information, you may read the site's About page. Also, don't forget to check the site's various policies and terms which are all linked in the bottom bar. If you are interested in contacting the blog please reach out through Twitter or the sites Contact page.

- Vex, operator of Social Actuality.

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