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About the Blog

Social Actuality is intended as a place to discuss society, current events, culture, philosophy, and other related subjects through the lens of actuality.


This site is dedicated to raw analysis of reality, and as such Social Actuality pledges to never push a third party's agenda via "shilling", media partnerships, or other such forms of deceptive and dishonest content production. The content of this site will never be influenced by outside entities and will remain fully independent under all circumstances. This site further pledges its support for guerrilla journalism, unfiltered reporting, and freedom of speech and expression. 

As for the me, the blog's author, I currently go by the pseudonym of Vex. I specialize in the topics of speech law, certain elements of sociology, the philosophy of ethics, and have an interest in general political concerns. My intent with this project is to foster a space for those who have no home elsewhere - the politically disaffected citizen, the individual who is perpetually disappointed with their fellow man, and other intellectual outcasts who don't quite fit in anywhere else. Your politics mean little to me, and mine should mean little to you. What should matter is our ability to find common ground on issues wherein the bettering of humanity has been hampered by the misdoings of those with power and influence. It is for these reasons that I also run the r/antislapp subreddit, where anyone who wishes can join a community driven effort to defeat suppressive litigation, a key weapon wielded by those who seek to silence the brave few amongst us whose attempts to effect positive change are often met with hammer blows.

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Supported Organizations

Below is a list of organizations that Social Actuality endorses, along with a brief description of the organization and the reason for the endorsement. It should be noted that an organizations being listed here does not imply full endorsement of all the listed organizations activities - no organization is perfect, but it is the opinion of this site and its operator/s that the listed organizations provide a net benefit to society through their activities and deserve support for their efforts.

List is in no particular order. Descriptions were written by Social Actuality and are not the official descriptions of a given entity. For official descriptions of an entity, please refer to their official About page or closest equivalent provided by the entity.

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation - Otherwise known as the EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation works to advance matters such as user privacy, fights copyright/patent trolls, and litigates in areas relating to IP, data, copyright/trademarks, etc.

  • Freedom of the Press Foundation - Otherwise known as the FPF. The organization has shared some staffers with the EFF and both orgs have cooperated in efforts to advance the right of journalistic expression.

  • Protect the Protest - Protect the Protest aids in defending targets of SLAPP lawsuits, offering legal aid to watchdogs, whistle blowers, and other targets of suppressive litigation who cannot otherwise afford it. 

ATTENTION: Unless explicitly stated otherwise - NONE of the listed entities have endorsed Social Actuality or its operator/s. NONE of the listed entities are associated with Social Actuality in any way. No entity has paid for placement on this page or has otherwise provided compensation for being listed on this page. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. 

If you have questions, concerns, or wish to have your organization removed from this list please contact the site through the Contact page. Requests for removal from this list will be honored within as timely a manner as permitted by circumstance.

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